Spring 2017

On the Cover

Three generations of the Tyson family have attended CAES. Read more about their family tradition in this issue of Southscapes.

CAES Family Traditions

Spring 2017, Vol. 13, Issue 1

The heart of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences lives in its people. The work of CAES alumni, students, faculty and staff leaves a lasting impact on communities in Georgia and worldwide. In this issue, Southscapes explores multigenerational CAES and UGA Cooperative Extension families with histories of service, the college's grower-empowering research on orphan crops and two CAES students who are making a difference through their extracurricular work. Throughout time, the CAES family has stayed true to its roots. Our commitment to innovation in the world's evolving agricultural landscape has remained steadfast since 1859.

Featured Stories

The Tyson Family

Three generations of the Tyson family have deep roots in Georgia agriculture

Like Father, Like Daughter

Michasia Dowdy and her father, Glen Harris, share more than a father-daughter bond. They are UGA Cooperative Extension colleagues who rely on each other.

Enhancing Sorghum's Drought Resiliency

UGA Regents' Professor and plant geneticist Andrew Paterson is working to improve the drought tolerance of sorghum lines that can also survive Georgia winters.

Student Studies Arctic Taiga

Trip to Canadian Arctic connects policy with reality for CAES environmental economics and management major Charles Orgbon

The Black Family

The Black family's dedication to service was cultivated on South Campus

Thurow Addresses Global Epidemic of Malnutrition

Roger Thurow, veteran foreign correspondent and global food and agriculture fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, delivered the D.W. Brooks Lecture in fall 2016. The 2016 D.W. Brooks and CAES award winners were also recognized.

Combatting Curculio in Black-eyed Pea Crops

Black-eyed peas have been part of a boom-and-bust cycle in the South for the past three decades thanks to a pod-feeding weevil, the cowpea curculio, that has evaded farmers’ best pest control practices.

The Howard Family

Father's footsteps lead Howard family from Morgan County, Georgia, dairy farm to CAES and beyond

Aiding Food Security by Decoding Genetics

Katrien Devos, a molecular geneticist at UGA, is hoping that a recent $1.8 million grant from the National Science Foundation will lay the groundwork to make finger millet more productive and disease resistant.

Student Builds Smart Irrigation Startup

CAES horticulture student Jesse Lafian developed a type of soil-moisture sensor, called a "tensiometer," that triggers irrigation when it senses plants require moisture. This remote sensor could revolutionize the way that farmers, landscapers and homeowners use water.

Online Exclusives

Scientist Glen Rains, entomology professor on the UGA Tifton campus, is using 3-D imagery and robots in early identification of crop disease and insect pressure.

Georgia FFA and CAES work together to promote agriculture and leadership to middle and high school students.

Georgia 4-H'ers have collected more than 160,000 pounds of pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Georgia for a donation of more than $97,000.

The 2017 and 2017 Georgia Farmers of the Year — John McCormick and Everett Williams, respectively — are both CAES alumni.

Georgia Grinders Pecan Butter took the grand prize at the 2017 Flavor of Georgia Food Product Contest.