Extensive Influence

From solving problems Georgians face to tackling global issues, the world turns to CAES for solutions

It’s easy to see the footprint of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences on the University of Georgia’s campuses, but it’s not as easy to encapsulate the broad role the college plays both within the state of Georgia and far beyond.

Perhaps more than any other college at UGA, CAES faculty, researchers and Extension personnel work throughout the state every day in ways that benefit industry, youth and communities.

Research, outreach and extension at CAES are major drivers of agriculture, Georgia’s No. 1 industry, and our instructional programs prepare agricultural and environmental leaders for the workforce.

CAES also launches its alumni into global careers. Alumni are using the skills and knowledge gained at here to help farmers grow food in areas of drought and to broker trade agreements with developing nations, and students at CAES are eager to discover their own international paths.

Explore the CAES effect on economics, industry, students, research, youth, the environment and more. 

Extensive Influence