Fall 2019

Extensive Influence

It’s easy to see the footprint of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences on the University of Georgia’s campuses, but it’s not as easy to encapsulate the broad role the college plays both within the state of Georgia and far beyond.

Perhaps more than any other college at UGA, CAES faculty, researchers and Extension personnel work throughout the state every day in ways that benefit industry, youth and communities. Meanwhile, faculty, researchers and students at CAES conduct research in dozens of locations globally, collaborating with experts at academic and research institutions worldwide. CAES also launches its alumni into global careers. 

Cover Story

Extensive Influence | From solving local problems to tackling global issues, the world turns to CAES for solutions 

Featured Stories

Terra Firma | CAES operates research and education centers across Georgia that facilitate research by faculty, staff and students 

For The Birds | CAES student creates a name for himself in the exotic bird industry